5-Star dog lodging in Benoni, Johannesburg 

The High street kennels experience

Here at High Street Kennels, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. With eleven kennels, we keep our numbers low so your loved ones get all the attention they need. Each enclosure has its own comfortable kennel inside with heated lamps for those cold winter nights and proper shading when the days get hot. Our run is situated in a beautiful forested area which gives your furry friend lots of new scents and experiences to keep their mind occupied. Along with 24-hour monitoring if anything arises our qualified vet is on standby. 



Short Overnight stay

Short stay from 1 to 7 nights.

When kenneling multiple dogs adjusted rates can be arranged.

Prices are subject to change due to seasonal demand 


Long overnight stay

Long stay over 7 day period.

When kenneling multiple dog adjusted rates can be arranged.

Prices are subject to change due to seasonal demand


Day visits

Currently Unavalibe.

We are looking into dog day care and will implement rates as soon as possible.

Boarding requirements

  • All dogs need to be treated for tick and flea.
  • No dogs are allowed unless all vaccinations are up-to-date including kennel cough.
  • Vet cards or other paperwork needs to be sent at least a day before arrival.
  • For dogs’ safety, need to arrive on a leash or harness.
  • Dog food needs to be supplied by the owner for the duration of the stay.
  • Beds are available but dogs own bed and toys is also welcomed.
  • Aggressive dogs will not be allowed due to the safety of staff and other borders.

How it Works


Please contact us by the following means:

Email: stephan@highstreetkennels.co.za

Phone/WhatsApp: +27 83 313 1368

Meet the crew

If you feel you would like to come and around and view our facilities before hand you are most welcome to schedual a visit before hand and we will gladly show you around

Schedule a Date!

Linked below is our online booking form. Please fill in as much details are possible and we will get back to as soon as possible with avaliblity.

High Street Kennels